I’m always brainstorming or working on something new. My plan is to share those things here in the various stages that they might be in. Enjoy!

1996 Toyota HiAce Mallorca Camper Van

After 2 years of camping all around the west with my Chevy Tahoe, I decided to take the plunge and buy a camper van. But not just any van. A freshly imported from Japan Toyota HiAce with a Vantech camping conversion. This thing is so clean, about 60k miles on it, and I am excited for the adventures it will provide!

Stay tuned for more info and articles about my van as I dive into this project!

  • Articles coming soon!

2006 Chevy Tahoe – Camping Edition

The beautiful Joe’s Valley climbing area.

Purchased in early 2020, the plan was to build a dedicated camping and road trip vehicle that could handle some of the more remote places we go. It’s got the 5.3L V8 engine with a little over 130k miles on it and selectable 4×4 with high and low gears.
This thing is in fantastic shape. I bought it from an older couple who used to use it for family road trips on occasion. You can just tell it’s been meticulously cared for, even the engine bay was clean when I bought it.

DIY Home Climbing Wall V2

I’ve moved to a new house which means I had to leave my first wall behind. But now I have a huge attic space to work with. Stay tuned for a full breakdown on the new wall I’m building when it’s finished!

  • Articles coming soon!

DIY Home Climbing Wall

With the 2020 pandemic showing no signs of slowing down here in the US, I decided to build a small training wall. It ended up costing about $250, not including the holds of course, but it’s been worth every penny so far!