Prana Makes the Best Shorts for Climbing

I’ve always been someone who doesn’t like to spend money on clothes. I don’t really care that much about the latest trends and I always thought “why would I spend $30 on a t-shirt when I can get a pack of them for $6 from Walmart”. Well recently, I was mountain biking with a good friend of mine and he was raving about these pants he gets from a company called Prana. I had been struggling to find a comfortable pair of pants or shorts for climbing that were still durable enough for rugged adventures and still fit well with a climbing harness. Hearing such good reviews, I decided to take the plunge.


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Solo Red Rock Trip in my Chevy Tahoe Camper

After spending most of 2020 climbing in my DIY home gym or in the area around SLC, I was itching to head to some new crags. Unfortunately, February is still pretty cold and snowy to be able to do any climbing around SLC or even most of Utah. So I decided to head down to Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas where the weather is warm and the rock is dry.


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